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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - 20.07.16

The team from BBCs Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is will be at Warrington Auction on Wednesday 29th June filming for their series. We will be visited by Paul Hayes & John Cameron who will be on a buying leg of their trip. We will keep you updated of when the episode is to be aired.

Warrington make Posh Pawn - 12.07.16

Back in January our Senior Auctioneer Peter Critchley filmed a piece for the upcoming series of Posh Pawnbrokers. We have had word that Peter will be on Chanel 4 on 

Friday 15th July @ 1:10pm.

We will all be settling down to see him make his debut appearance on the programme. We hope you enjoy it too

The Roadtrip Comes To Warrington - 04.07.16

The team from BBCs Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip will be visiting Warrington Auctions on Wednesday 13th July for our Antiques Sale which is to include a Mid 20thC Specialist section. This is the perfect opportunity to dig out your Antiques or pay us a visit, who knows you may see yourself on TV. 

New Payment Terms 29.07.15

Our payment terms are changing with effect from the sale on Wednesday 12th August. All payments, BACS and Cheque will be made four weeks after the date of sale. 

The payments will be made as follows;

Wednesday 12th August     -     Monday 12th September

Wednesday 26th August     -     Monday 28th September ...and so on.

This will not affect items placed for sale on Wednesday 29th July, BACS payments for this sale will be made on Monday 17th August and Cheques on Tuesday 1st September. We thank you for your understanding. 

Northwich Auction on Bargain Hunt

The first of four episodes of Bargain Hunt filmed at Northwich in November is set to air on Monday 2nd March on BBC1. The team, led by Charles Hanson and Natasha Raskin spent two days with us at our Northwich Auction site and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The competition heads to Anglesey, where antiques experts Claire Rawle and Thomas Plant help two teams search for potentially valuable items. With guest presenter Charles Hanson.

Airs: Monday 2nd March 2015, 12:15pm BBC1

New Minimum Bid! - 06.02.15

As from the sale on Wednesday 11th February 2015 we are lowering the commission structure for the General Sale.

The Minimum Bid will be lowered to £5 and no minimum commission,  simply just the basic commission of 20%. This means that your minimum spend will reduce dramatically from £13 to just £6.

Selling in the General Sale

If your items are sold in the General Sale you will also benefit from reduced selling charges in line with the reduced minimum bid. The previous charge of £5 will be lowered to just £2.